Wisdom Teeth Removal


Wisdom tooth infection occur mainly due to lack of hygienic maintenances or by the pressure of wisdom tooth on gums. Infection and inflammation can cause terrible pain with swollen red gums, inflammation and/or even jaw stiffness.


Little pockets of fluid called cysts can grow around wisdom tooth. Those cysts are not negligible as they can damage gums, bones and other teeth.


Wisdom tooth pushing other teeth while coming out. This crowding can cause pain and continuous discomfort.

Damage to nearby molars

Apart from crowding issue, some misaligned wisdom tooth keeps pushing nearby molars. This can cause serious damage to both teeth and severe pain.

Please note that the pains can be relieved by medicine for the time being. It is a common practice to procrastinate the required treatment for wisdom tooth once the pain is under control. People come back later making their situation worse. We advise addressing their wisdom teeth issues on time before it gets worse.

Wisdom Teeth Treatment Procedure
1. The first step of your wisdom teeth removal starts with scans. your dentist can see if your wisdom teeth are growing normally or affecting other teeth or not.
2. After reviewing, the dentist will explain your case in details, the complexity of the issue and the treatment. Based on that s/he will recommend a surgical approach.
3. Once agreed, the recommended surgical process will be executed with utmost caution and professionalism which includes post-surgery care to avoid infections and stimulation of the surrounding tissues to heal quicker.