Wisdom Teeth Removal

At Warrnambool Smile Dental, safe and painless removal of wisdom teeth is routinely performed for our patients. Many people are unaware they have wisdom teeth until they begin to pierce through the gums at the back of their mouths usually between 18-21 years of age. Due to the changes in our diet with modernization, human jaw size is shrinking and most of the times, there is not enough room for wisdom teeth to erupt in proper position and this is what leads to “impacted wisdom teeth”.

Impacted wisdom teeth often cause many concerns, including severe pain and infection of the surrounding gum (pericoronitis) or the teeth themselves due to dental decay. If left untreated, the infection can spread to other areas such as the neck region and become a life-threatening condition. Therefore, if we see impacted wisdom teeth, we recommended removal of wisdom teeth before they become severe problem. Wisdom teeth can also cause crowding of other teeth and contribute to the shifting of front teeth.

Most dentists in Warrnambool will refer patients to the specialist to get their wisdom teeth removed under a general anaesthetic because they do not have the training and expertise to conduct safe removal themselves. However, general anaesthetic adds costs such as private hospital and anaesthetist fees, which are often more than the cost of the removal procedure itself.

At Warrnambool Smile Dental, Dr Joseph has extensive training and experience in the safe removal of impacted wisdom teeth under local anaesthetic. This mean that you will be awake and in the dental chair where proper technique will ensure complete numbness throughout the procedure feeling absolutely no pain. However, we also provide the option of removal under general anaesthetic if the patient prefers this at the St John of God Hospital in Warrnambool.

At Warrnambool Smile Dental, Dr Joseph has performed many wisdom teeth extractions on patients from all over Warrnambool and Southwest region.