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How to Treat Bad Breath Caused by Sinus

How to Treat Bad Breath Caused by Sinus

November 30, 2023

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Living with sinus issues can be difficult on its own. But when bad breath enters the equation, it can be quite challenging. While you may not have connected the dots between sinus troubles and bad breath, it’s true – the two go together. In fact, bad breath is an indication that you may have sinusitis.  

We get that it’s not pleasant, but it sure is treatable. In this article, let’s dive in and learn all about how you can treat bad breath caused by sinus. 

 What are Sinus Infections? 

Sinusitis or sinus infection occurs when the tissue lining your sinuses is inflamed or swollen. Sinuses are spaces inside your face that produce mucus, which keeps your nose clean and free of bacteria and germs. 

However, bacterial infections, allergies or viral infections can affect your sinuses, causing them to get blocked and filled with fluid. These blocked sinuses then result in sinus infections. Common symptoms include a runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, cough, facial pain, headaches, and, of course, you guessed right – bad breath

But how do sinus infections cause bad breath? It’s from the unpleasant-smelling mucus in your infected sinuses. When your sinuses get blocked, it can force the mucus towards the back of your throat. It then meets the air you exhale, resulting in bad breath. 

Mouth breathing is yet another cause of bad breath. When you have a sinus infection, the tendency to breathe through your mouth is high. This can dry out the saliva, which keeps your mouth moist and bacteria-free. The result? Bad breath. 

How to Treat Sinus and Bad Breath? 

Now that we know how sinus infections cause bad breath, let’s talk solutions! So, here are some ways to treat bad breath caused by a sinus infection and prevent it from worsening. 

1. Seek medical assistance 

The causes of bad breath are diverse. To determine the underlying cause of bad breath, it’s important to visit the dentist. Your dentist will identify the cause of bad breath and recommend the next steps. 

If bad breath is caused by sinusitis, we recommend consulting your GP, especially if you’ve had symptoms for more than 7 to 10 days. This will prevent both the sinus infection and bad breath from escalating. Your doctor may prescribe an antibiotics course to tackle the sinus infection, resolving bad breath in the process. 

2. Maintain a good oral care routine 

Maintaining a good oral hygiene routine is important to prevent bad breath from worsening. If not, the bacteria in your mouth can mix with mucus, making things worse. Brush your teeth twice daily with fluoride toothpaste and floss at least once daily. In addition, you may also use a dentist-approved mouthwash to kill bacteria in your mouth. 

2. Drink more water 

Dry mouth is a common symptom of sinus infections. It can also leave your mouth parched, contributing to bad breath. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids. This will keep your mouth moist and wash away food particles between your teeth and gums. 

3. Rinse your sinuses  

Saline nasal rinses can help flush out trapped mucus in your sinuses. This will help reduce mucus build-up and allow you to breathe easier. You can also opt for over-the-counter nasal decongestants, antihistamine tablets or lozenges if you have an acute sinus infection. They can help relieve congestion, facilitating drainage and reducing inflammation. 

For quick relief, you can consider the following at-home remedies:  

  • Take a hot shower 
  • Use a humidifier or vapouriser 
  • Breathe in steam from a bowl of hot water 
  • Place a warm compress on your face 
  • Gargle with warm water and salt 

Don’t let sinus infection and bad breath get in the way of your daily life. If you notice persistent bad breath, reach out to our team at Warrnambool Smile Dental. We will uncover the underlying cause and help outline a treatment plan.