A Brief Guide to Clear Braces 

Maybe once when you were young, you thought about having braces to get a beautiful smile. However, you were not keen on having those metal braces sticking to your teeth,  the bulky looking unattractive ones. So, without those braces now you might not have that beautiful set of pearly whites, with a dazzling smile. But do not worry anymore since having revitalized smile and straight teeth at an adult age is no longer a dream. Many adults are now looking for ways to improve their smiles and teeth without having a mouth full of metal and wire bracket braces. For that, you have Clear braces.

What Are Clear Braces:
Clear Braces is a translucent aligner system. It can help in fixing the smile and works best if you are looking for an alternative to Invisalign or metal orthodontics. These are also often called invisible braces because it is virtually invisible because of the material that these braces are made of.

Type of Clear Braces:
There are several types of clear braces out of which two most common clear braces brands are ClearCorrect ® and Invisalign.

  • Ceramic or clear braces: These are made with composite material, and the archwire that holds them is made of either clear or white material. This enhances the chances of the wires getting stained, but the ligatures are changed at every adjustment scheduled with the dentist, which is generally every month. However, unlike the next two clear braces mentioned below, ceramic brackets cannot be removed until the treatment is complete.
  • ClearCorrect ®: is a type of clear braces made of BPA-free material, which is translucent in nature. It is also removable aligners that can be taken out for meals or other dental hygiene home care. Later they can be put back on the teeth so they can work to align your teeth. Typically with ClearCorrect ®, you are required to change the trays every two weeks for the next series. Also, every six weeks, your alignment will be evaluated to check the progress of the treatment. Based on the evaluation, the next set of aligners will be selected.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign is clear braces that are made of 18-30 customized plastic aligners, which is removable. It is replaced every two weeks and allows you to eat and drink whatever you want. They are virtually invisible. These braces are available only for teenagers and adults and are quite expensive.

Clear Braces Vs. Metal Braces:
You can align your teeth and restore your naturally beautiful smile with both clear braces and metal braces. Patients often get confused over which solution to go for when treating misaligned teeth with braces. Here are a few differences between clear and metal braces that might help you in deciding which one to choose for your treatment.

  1. The Look: One cannot emphasize enough that metal braces are visible, and from a distance, it can be observed. An onlooker can identify that you are correcting your teeth using dental braces. Metal braces have brackets and bands that are extremely visible. Whereas Clear braces are inconspicuous, giving it an invisible appearance. Typically clear braces are either colored as per the teeth or made with clear materials. Hence the fact that you are wearing braces is not easily noticeable from a distance.
  2. Durability: Metal braces generally lasts longer than any other braces. They are not easily damaged or require repairing when subjected to pressure. Ceramic braces can be easily damaged if they are under pressure and also requires more maintenance money than metal braces
  3. Strength: Compared to clear braces metal braces have more strength and lasts for a longer period.
  4. Difficulty: As mentioned earlier, metal braces can stand more pressure than clear braces. Hence metal braces are good if the level of correction is difficult, mainly if you require malocclusion correction.
  5. Sensitivity: Some people might experience hypersensitivity on the oral cavity due to metal braces. Patients using clear braces do not have any such issues.
  6. Pricing: Clear braces are always more expensive than metal braces.


Why Select Clear Braces?
When you plan to go for clear braces brands like ClearCorrect ®, Invisalign or typical clear braces like Ceramic braces, you can have your teeth aligned without the discomfort of the metals in your mouth. Since clear braces are translucent aligners they offer:

  • A discreet method for aligning your teeth
  • Easy to maintain at home
  • Gives flexibility to both adults and teens
  • No fixed appliances are required yet offers predictable results
  • Custom designed aligners that are comfortable so you can get a great smile and boost your confidence.
  • You can enjoy any food and drink all you have to do is remove the aligners.

You can discreetly put on these thin translucent aligners over your teeth. Like everyone else, brush and floss your teeth by just removing them.

What Is the Cost of Clear Braces?
Typically clear braces like ClearCorrect costs between $2,000 and $9,000 and Invisalign is between $6,000 and $9,000, depending on the type of aligners and condition of the individual’s teeth. One of the significant challenges in deciding for any orthodontic treatment is to be confident about your appearance while wearing the braces. If you are not confident with the appearance, then the treatment is kind of futile. So, in case you are shy about wearing those unattractive metal braces, it is an excellent option to go for clear braces. It gives you the result while boosting your confidence.

To save money if you think you can get invisible braces online, we would suggest never to do that. Go to a professional, a dentist or orthodontist to get your braces and improve your smile. Buying braces can cause more damage to your teeth and jaw rather than help you with your smile. To get a detailed idea of the price of having clear braces book an appointment with us. We will help you with Clear braces and more information and guidance on how to have the best smile and teeth.

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