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Best Boxing Mouthguards in Hamilton & Warrnambool

Best Boxing Mouthguards in Hamilton & Warrnambool

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June 27, 2024

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Did you know that your teeth are the only part of the body that can’t repair themselves? That’s why protecting your teeth in the ring or on the field is paramount. 

If you think you don’t need a mouthguard, think again. Because every hit, every pass, every swing puts your smile at risk. All it takes is just one wrong move and you’ll be looking at severe damage and costly dental treatment that could sting worse than a right hook. 

That’s where a good mouthguard comes in. 

A mouthguard isn’t just a piece of plastic. It’s the difference between a champion’s smile and missing out on what you do best – whether it’s landing the perfect punch or making that game-winning play. 

At Warrnambool Smile Dental, we’re all about empowering athletes. That’s why we offer high-quality mouthguards that keep your smile safe and sound. 

What is a Sports Mouthguard? 

Think of a protective shield but for your smile. That’s what a sports mouthguard is. 

The right mouthguard won’t be a bulky, uncomfortable thing that you have to wear. They are comfy, custom-made appliances that cushion your teeth, jaws, gums and mouth from hits and absorb the force of impacts. It’s an armour for your smile that keeps you safe and ready to play your best game. 

Why Do I Need a Mouthguard? 

Sports and games can be a blast – we get that. However, they can also put your teeth at risk. One wrong move, hit or a collision and you’ll land yourself with a trip to the emergency dentist

But get this – a good mouthguard can protect your teeth from all sorts of nasty injuries like: 

  • Chipped, broken or cracked teeth 
  • Knocked-out teeth 
  • Gum lacerations 
  • Lip lacerations 
  • Broken jaws
  • Damage to past dental work
  • Severe concussions

Now, you may think that mouthguards are only necessary if you are involved in contact sports like boxing, martial arts and rugby. While it’s a no-brainer, mouthguards also benefit those engaging in seemingly safer sports like basketball, netball, acrobatics and water skiing. 

In fact, the Australian Dental Association recommends mouthguards for anyone of any age playing a sport where there’s a possibility of being dealt a blow to the face. 

Custom-Made Mouthguards vs. Store-Bought Mouthguards 

When it comes to mouthguards, there are three main contenders: 

Custom-Made Mouthguards 

Crafted by a dentist or dental technician, custom-made mouthguards perfectly hug your mouth. This means superior protection, as there’s no room for movement upon impact. What’s more? These mouthguards can also distribute the force of impact evenly across your jaw and face, minimising damage. 

Made to withstand punches, throws and whatever else is thrown your way, our mouthguards won’t ever get in the way of your game unlike store-bought mouthguards. 

Store-Bought Mouthguards

Available for purchase over the counter, these generic mouthguards are made to fit anyone and everyone. They might not fit well and be loose and uncomfortable to wear — not exactly the recipe for peak performance. While they might offer some protection, they aren’t as reliable or effective as custom-fitted mouthguards our dentists create. 

Boil and Bite Mouthguards

These mouthguards are made by boiling them in water and then biting into them while they are soft so that they conform to the shape of your mouth. While this moulding process allows them to fit better, they still won’t offer the same precise fit and superior protection as custom-made mouthguards. 

The choice is clear! Custom mouthguards are the way to go. It’s a small investment that reaps big rewards — a healthy, protected smile that lasts a lifetime. 

Why Get a Custom Boxing Mouthguard from Warrnambool Smile Dental? 

When a boxing glove, a basketball or a rugby ball is charging at you, the last you want to worry about is whether your mouth is protected enough. 

That’s where we step in. At Warrnambool Smile Dental, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all mouthguards. Since your mouthguard is your smile’s first line of defence, they must be the best in the game. Here’s what makes our mouthguards the best: 

  • Perfect Fit: Fabricated using impressions of your teeth, our mouthguards offer a snug, secure fit that absorbs the impact of a blow, minimising the risk of injury. 
  • Superior Comfort: With zero discomfort, our custom mouthguards allow you to focus on your game while our mouthguards focus on protecting your teeth.
  • Maximum Protection: Our mouthguards are specifically designed for sports, offering maximum protection for your teeth, gums and jaw.
  • High-Quality Materials: Our mouthguards are made from high-quality materials that are durable, easy to clean and resistant to wear and tear. 

Whether you are a budding athlete or a professional sportsperson, we provide high-quality, custom-made mouthguards to give your mouth the best protection. Most dental injuries sustained during sports participation are preventable if a professionally fitted mouthguard is used. So, don’t settle for less! 

Contact us today for custom-fitted mouthguards!