General Dentistry

At Warrnambool Smile Dental, we are confident and proficient at providing complex dental treatments such as braces, implants and veneers that many other dental practices in Warrnambool and the surrounding region may not be able to provide. However, we also strongly believe that before any works are done to enhance the aesthetics and/or function of the mouth/teeth, restoring and maintaining the basic health of the teeth and the surrounding gum is paramount.
We believe and adhere to evidence-based medicine that strongly advocates regular checkups and cleans, minimally invasive dentistry (only drilling into teeth when absolutely necessary) and prevention-based techniques.

White Filling
White Fillings, also known as Dental Fillings, are one of the most popular dental procedure used to address cavities or cracked teeth or even to replace or cover the existing silver or gold filling.
If you are experiencing sensitivity or pain during brushing teeth, or eating food or drinking cold, you should not neglect as they are the signs of cavity to tooth decay. After cleaning the cavity, dental hole is covered by the dental filling.

Among other dental fillings (gold or silver) white filling serves both functional and aesthetic purpose. It can be matched with the natural tooth colour. White filling lasts for 3-12 years, then it requires touch-ups, where other fillings last long. If the front tooth needs filling, instead of gold or silver, white filling is the ideal one. From our experience we have seen that considering the longevity many people choose silver or gold one for the inside teeth, and came back to us later to cover that with white filling as they don’t feel comfortable and confident for the unmatched colour of the teeth while laughing and talking. Please consult with our dentist to assess your situation and for your best option.