Cosmetic and Aesthetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening
Bright teeth lifts up mood and personality. People are more aware of their look and feel now. There are two ways for Teeth Whitening:

In-Chair Whitening
To get the instant result you may consider to get the In-Chair Teeth whitening in the comfortable environment and by the professionals.

DYI Whitening
Our dentists will give you a teeth whitening kit to take home. They will show how the kit (gel, guard, etc) work. It is a slow process comparing to the In-Chair one. However, you would have the flexibility to do it at your convenient time and at own place.

Please book a consultation session with our dentist to assess your dental condition. Some people are not aware of the hidden dental damages which comes out during the consultation. Our dentist will advise you the best option with details.

Dental Veneers
For the damaged teeth due to any accident, for the lack of hygiene maintenance or for the tooth stains from tea/coffee, Dental Veneers can be an effective solution. With the porcelain veneer, dentist will put a ceramic crown on the effected teeth and will blend it as natural as possible. Even the gaps between teeth can be addressed by this process.

Please consult with our dentist to assess teeth. They will advise you the best option and the number of sessions required based on your situation.